New Jersey fines BetMGM $25,000 for allowing bets on college games involving Garden State schools

New Jersey fines BetMGM $25,000 for allowing bets on college games involving Garden State schools

The original ban stemmed concerns from some lawmakers about maintaining the integrity of college athletics. We are a passionate community of over 55,000 horse racing fans, commentators and industry professionals. The inflation data also sent the benchmark U.S. 10-year yield higher, touching 3.2% on Monday morning, having gained nearly 12 basis points on Friday. “Rising overseas yields and energy prices coupled with continued dovish Bank of Japan messages have pushed USD/JPY to two-decade highs,” Barclays analysts told Reuters.

An overbet bluff needs players to have deep stacks. If you’ve bet your hand all the way down and your overbet is less than a pot bet, it’s not an overbet is it? Please make sure you and your opponent have plenty of chips behind. If your opponent is deep stacked, they are more likely to be protective than if they’re short stacked and pot committed. The ‘Total Goals’ section of this market is equally as important as the ‘Result’.

For example, you would call half-pot bet on the river and you would fold to a pot-bet. The enforcement division said an Entain employee working in Australia created the parlay but failed to recognize Rutgers as a New Jersey team and thus ineligible for betting. A member of BetMGM’s trading team noticed the error 40 minutes after the bets were offered, voided them and returned the money to the patrons who placed them.

It is also common to occasionally over-bet the pot when you’re trying to protect your hand. If you know your ahead and you have callers on a dangerous board – sometimes you want to close out the action and take down the pot. The downside if you get called by a player needing to catch is that sometimes they’ll hit and win the pot. On the plus side, they’re paying a premium to see the next card – that’s still a result. On other occasions the cards will fall your way. Go on Twitter after a Premier League weekend and search for winning bets.

There are plenty of renowned bookmakers in the UK offering excellent prices on the ‘Result/Total Goals’ market. Like most poker moves, this is not one to be constantly used against the same players. In fact, against a decent player, you can probably only get away with 2-3 successful over bet bluffs or value over bets before they’ve figured which you use it for. Sometimes, they level themselves in the face of an over-bet. They almost pay just to satisfy their curiosity. If your opponent is the type to think long and hard, he may just pay you off.

We’ll get additional $90, and these money never hurt. The main aim of overbettor is to get maximal value of inelastic hands (call or fold hands). Inelastic hand is played very straightforward. He’ll call anyway; the size of the bet can be whatever. The elastic hand is dependent on side factors.

Of course if your holding the goods, this can be a good play, especially if you think you might get a call. Ten days later, the BetMGM and Borgata websites offered a premade parlay, or multigame bet combination, involving a Rutgers basketball game.

The opponent isn’t going to fold his top pair as he would have done it earlier. In usual situation $110 would be enough, he almost for sure has top full-house and he is not going to fold it. If he calls $110 here, he would call $200 also.


It was available for eight hours before BetMGM noticed the error and took it down; only two people took the bet, for a total of $30. — BetMGM took less than $100 worth of bets last year on New Jersey college basketball games that weren’t supposed to be wagered on. This is primarily due to the market offering decent odds in the first place. Singles can be hugely profitable in the ‘Result/Total Goals’ market, making accas even more worthy of your money. Here’s an example accumulator at SkyBet consisting of ‘Result/Total Goals’ bets for September 16th – 19th, 2022, in the Premier League. The ‘result’ of a match is also known as the ‘final outcome’ and it conveys details concerning which team won, as well as the final score.

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Only when the two real-life outcomes line up with your selection will you receive returns on a bet – so it’s vital that you know what you’re betting on. Throwing money at a bet on Burnley vs Everton for Burnley to win and ‘Over 5.5 Goals’ is unrealistic for even the most optimistic of punters, which is why you should avoid such wagers.

On the other hand, wagers placed on ‘over’ need exactly three goals or more to win. Depending on the situation, an over bet is either an awful play or a genius one. There is not much in between, from a 3rd party perspective. This is because an over bet will force your opponent out of the pot (either lost value or a great bluff) or you’ve been called (lost far more than necessary or got extra value). There will also be times when your up against a donk player. These could be good spots to over bet the pot, especially if you put them on a hand. As a general rule of thumb – the weaker the player, the more you can splash the pot more than you normally would.

  • The Bank of England will hand down its policy decision on Thursday.
  • If your opponent is the type to think long and hard, he may just pay you off.
  • Select bets with a realistic chance of happening, the payout is worth your while.
  • You and your opponents need to have at least 50% more than the pot to make it an overbet.
  • Over bet poker is dangerous to those who are blind.

So most of the cash players at lower stakes chose inelastic scenario. To value overbet you need to have a good skill of hand reading. The more precise you read opponents supposed ranges, the more effective overbets are. Over bet poker is dangerous to those who are blind. An over bet in poker occurs when a player bets more than the value of the pot. There are a number of reasons why a player might do this.

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GambleAware is the leading charity in the UK committed to reducing gambling-related harms. The aim is to stop people getting into problems with their gambling, and ensure that those that do develop problems receive fast and effective treatment and support. Click here to visit the site and find out more. In betting, there are few things more exciting than placing a bet on a selection with high odds and potential returns. This is even more pronounced when you feel that a selection could realistically take place. It’s a loose analogy, but the main takeaway is similar. The sunny day is the fantastical odds and the thunderstorm represents the crushing blow to your bankroll once it becomes clear the result won’t go your way.

What are Under and Over Bets? Over 2.5 Meaning

A ‘goal line’ represents the number of goals required for your bet to win. If the goal line sits at under 2.5/over 2.5, all bets on ‘under’ would need exactly two or fewer goals to return a profit.

Following on from earlier in the article, you can use history to your advantage. If you tried to over-bet bluff and got called, use it to your benefit next time. Your opponents will be itching to call you so go easy on the over-bet bluff and use the over-bet value bet as a counter strategy. This over-bet value bet is not utilised enough really. I am guilty myself and don’t use this move often enough. I think many people think they will waste value and prefer to get something than nothing.

Result-based betting is arguably the most popular form of online wagering in the sports betting industry, making it important for all users to understand exactly what this word means. For games where there are two evenly matched sides, you can expect a goal line of 2.5 to be available. In fixtures between strong, imposing outfits and teams battling relegation, you might see goal lines standing at 4.5 or more. It’s a great move to pull off against fishy players who can’t fold a medium strength hand or advanced players who are prone to making a hero call or levelling themselves. There is $39 on the pot instead of $20 something.

It all depends on the strength of one team and the weakness of the other. In this market, you’re betting on the total number of goals scored in a 90-minute football match as well as the match winner. The overbet works best against players you’ve seen fold in the past. If you’ve seen your opponent fold on the river to bets before, they have demonstrated they can release if they think it’s best. It’s no using trying to push around a calling station. Most online casino reviews sites affirm that rookie players don’t like folding so trying an over-bet bluff in a freeroll will seldom work as most players lack the ability to fold.

If New Jersey fans want to bet legally on the Saint Peter’s game, they will have to travel out of state to do it, with New York and Pennsylvania being close options. New Jersey voters had a chance to change this law last November but overwhelmingly defeated a referendum that would have allowed such bets.

It’s also why bookies steer clear of this sort of offering selection, as bettors will actively avoid losing money on selections that are unlikely to take place. But more often than not, bookies offer substantial returns on selections that are unlikely to happen. Thankfully, the ‘Result/Total Goals’ market is generous with regard to the odds displayed on most bookmakers’ websites, boasting upwards of 2.00 (1/1) on most picks.

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State law prohibits betting on New Jersey college teams, as well as on any collegiate game played in New Jersey — even if they feature teams from other states. That same law is preventing fans of Jersey City-based Saint Peter’s University from betting legally on their Cinderella team’s Sweet 16 game Friday. In the ‘Result/Total Goals’ market, ‘Home +2.5’ means that all bets on the home team to win will return a profit if there are three or more goals in the game and the home team wins.

We get call from conservative straightforward player. “Masters” of small stakes often don’t think or think not enough about their opponent’s holdings.

For this reason, there’s no excuse for choosing bets that will only come true one-in-a-million times. Although most bookies lean towards offering a goal line of 2.5, certain fixtures provide players with additional options. This means that instead of betting on under/over 2.5 goals (where you’d need greater or fewer than 3 goals), you could bet on 3.5, 4.5, or even 8.5 goals.

It’s very early days but City are still value for an each-way bet. But like most things, there is always someone who has a bet on no corners in the game was laid on Betfair at 1,000-1.

I recommend attempting both in the future when your instinct tells you it will work. Once you have dipped your toe in you will soon incorporating both bets into your game in the future. There is $129 in the pot, and $140 and in opponents stack. Read this no nonsense guide on how to play poker – covering the basics and game play.

‘Total Goals’ betting comes in many forms, with most bettors opting to take a punt on ‘2.5’ selections as they offer great value for money. However, you can bet on additional goal lines by shopping around with different bookmakers and fixtures. Like the bluff, deep stacks are required for overbet value bets. You and your opponents need to have at least 50% more than the pot to make it an overbet. The division fined BetMGM but noted that the company blamed its technology partner, Entain PLC, for initiating the series of errors that led to the bets being improperly offered.

The pair is expected to trade between 131 and 136 this week. You’ll get paid nicely if your wager wins anyway, so why bother with unrealistic, hopeful punts? The best thing you can do is ignore outlandish bets and settle for down-to-earth wagers. If Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-0, then the ‘result’ has gone in Liverpool’s favour. This is how you can determine which team came out on top by looking at the ‘result’ of the matchup. West Ham midfielder Lucas Paqueta is reportedly being investigated by the FA for betting on games.

Select bets with a realistic chance of happening, the payout is worth your while. Losing your cool and falling into the trap that is temptation will see your stake tossed into the wind, akin to an autumn leaf during a thunderstorm. It might look like a lovely, sunny day at first; once you venture outside it begins pouring with rain. If only you’d checked the weather, you’d have known to have stayed at home. Any other scoreline would result in a loss for your wager. That’s how the ‘Result/Total Goals’ betting market works.

Used in the wrong spot and that’s your dinner money gone. There are two main ways that you can take down a pot in a hand of poker. Firstly you can have the best hand at showdown or you can bluff everyone out of the pot pre showdown. – The dollar was up on Monday morning in Asia as Friday’s red hot inflation data suggested more aggressive monetary tightening from the U.S. If City win and two or more goals are scored overall, your bet wins. It does not matter whether Chelsea score once, twice, three times or more as long as City win and the goal line is beaten.

The truth is, there are scenarios where an over bet is the most profitable bet to make and also the worst bet to make. Deciding when to pull off a successful over-bet takes experience, intuition and thorough of understanding your opponent. Before you start playing real money games, be sure to read up on these tips by the professionals. The loyalty and effort of our members make the Racing Forum the friendliest and most informative horse racing community. has been a home to passionate debate and intelligent discussion for horse racing enthusiasts since the year 2000.